News #1

The site is live!

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  1. cameliaelias says:

    Wonderful, Rachel. Thanks for the additional insights and the great poem, “Lovers.” The reason why the quoted passage interests me is because of the space of authority it creates. Teiresias speaks from a place between worlds, which Oidipous recognizes – that’s why he comes to the seer. But where Oidipous goes wrong is in his failing to take what he hears there, while standing in between worlds, as a sign. The point is that all oracular practice and literature insists on the connection between space (between worlds), intent (to get help) and signs (to recognize as communicating a direct and unmediated message). The problem with Oidipous – that we can all learn from – is that he confounds the levels: he goes to the seer for a magical solution but expects a reasonable revelation. The point is also the you never ever argue with the prophet, as prophets are not in the business of reason.

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